Devon Killebrew

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My name is Devon Killebrew, and I’m into character creation and cartoons. I am particularly interested in logo design; I am a hands on artist and enjoy making and using my personal drawings. I appreciate multiple forms of art and am more than willing to learn and expand my skills. If what I do can make people happy I don’t mind the struggle.

Monster Mug

product Design

I like making little characters in my work when I have a chance and around Halloween a few years back I was able to try doing them in a more festive way via illustrator.  I started by drawing one of my normal little characters then decided to go for a zombie look, through countless trial and error I was able to create the zombie.  Additionally, I created a vampire and a merman for this series.  The fun part of these little guys is their expressions, having control over their overall reactions is always fun, and I will continue to make little guys like these til i run out of ideas.

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killebrew portfolio 2

Required for Living


A while back I was asked to do a piece on controversy affecting diversity or normal everyday people in general.  Most of the time the ideas that govern around controversy usually involves race or religion, and I was going to originally tackle religion, but as you can see that ended up not being the case.  My shift to technology happened after I realized just how much time I had spent on making the poster using a computer, during that time the wifi had cut out and I realized how lucky I was too have a program that didn’t rely on wifi to save progress.  I later realized that most of my programs require wifi for me to actually do things and spiraled into how my job uses technology and machines that if I had no access too, I would not be able to do anything (with the exception of physical activity that is).

Black Holes

Poster Design

Deep space, the last frontier for man. Suddenly, the stars go out and your ship’s being pulled!  “What could it be,” you mutter.  Black Holes are interesting because of how they work, they simply take in anything close to it and go out basically whenever.  I chose to do black holes as a part of a school project because of that interest, they simply devour and leave with no trace of what was taken. It’s like a Ctrl Z but for keeps.  More or so it was just fun trying to imagine what would be around an area with a black hole and trying to make the distant star formations behind them was an interesting time in its own. Coming back to this subject with the material I have now or that I will have in the future is gonna be a thrill.

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